This describes the clothing editor (ClothEd), a program for converting clothing patterns into three-dimensional meshes.

The clothing editor (ClothEd) is a program for converting clothing patterns into three-dimensional meshes that can be input into a 3D modelling package such as Blender. It is about 6000 lines of Perl and it is basically a prototype: the core functionality is barely working and it needs improvement everywhere (code quality, functionality, stability). This README.html and the TODO.html file in the distribution are the only documentation.



The code simply needs to be copied into an appropriate directory.



Create clothing pattern

Run clothing editor

Create database and load it

Position pieces in 3D world space

Join pieces together and subdivide pieces

Write out mesh

Import into Blender

Show dump utility

If the main clothing editor is run with the tracing option on, it will produce a file dump.txt. which can be read by the utitlty. This is not required for normal operation but can give some insight into what the clothing editor is doing.

The dump output consists logically as a sequence of frames. The leftmost spin button can be used to page through these frames.

If the show checkbox is turned on, one of the regions in the display is filled in. By paging through the second spin button, it is possible to show each region in turn.

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